Demo Day of our Master Seminar „Startup Community Darmstadt“


On Wednesday, 8 February 2023, the „Demo Day“ of our master's seminar „Startup Community Darmstadt – Planning & Pitching your own Venture“ took place in the new premises of the startup MAGNOTHERM. Just like in “Die Höhle der Löwen”, student teams faced a jury of experts consisting of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and business angels and pitched their business ideas, which they had completely developed as part of the seminar.

We are extremely excited about the quality of the ideas as well as the presentations of all teams, which seems to increase from semester to semester! Particularly impressive was the extraordinary commitment of all the student teams, which they showed through numerous surveys, prototypes, videos, and many other creative elements.


Dear students, you all did a really great job and we hope that as many as possible will continue their idea and thus join the successful track record of spin-offs from this course like nakt® • Stoffschmiede GmbH or Ceres!

Congratulations again to the winning teams „Hallo Gido“, „Printify“, and „The UpVest“!


Thanks also to all the experts (Barbara Eichelmann-Klebl, Bettina Laurick, Ann-Kathrin Schrott, Harald Holzer, Dr. Norbert Linn, Christoph Malkmus, Moritz Lenhardt, Samuel Vogel, Johannes Weber, Alex Wyllie) for your super helpful feedback and to MAGNOTHERM and Timur Sirman for hosting our event!