Exam review of the course venture valuation (winter term 2017/2018)


Exam review of the course venture valuation (winter term 2017/2018)

The exam review for the courses Venture Valuation of the winter term 2018 will take place on March 29th, 2018 from 12:40 to 16:05 PM in Room S102/137 divided in time slots as follows:

1.) 12:40 -13:10 Name: A-D

2.) 13:15-13:45 Name: E-J

3.) 13:50-14:20 Name: K-M

4.) 14:25-14:55 Name: N-Stä

5.) 15:00-15:30 Name: Sto-U

6.) 15:35-16:05 Name: V-Z

Important information concerning the exam review: We will not provide any model solution (Musterlösung) for the exam. Allowed auxiliaries are printed course materials as well as compulsory and additional literature mentioned in the course. Please do also bring your student card and ID or passport for identification.

In case you cannot participate in the exam review personally, you may send an authorized representative (Bevollmächtigter). In order to assign authorization, the authorized representative needs a written and signed confirmation including a copy of your ID or passport that he or she is allowed to represent you in the exam review. In addition, the authorized representative also needs his or her ID or passport

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