Finalist für „Karl Schlecht Stiftung Entrepreneurship Research Award 2016“


Finalist für „Karl Schlecht Stiftung Entrepreneurship Research Award 2016“

Der von Carolin Bock, Alexander Huber und Svenja Jarchow-Pongratz verfasste Artikel „Growth Factors of Research-based Spin-offs and the Role of Venture Capital Investing“ war bei der diesjährigen Interdisziplinären Jahreskonferenz Entrepreneurship, Innovation und Mittelstand („G-Forum“) für den Best Paper Award der Konferenz, den „Karl Schlecht Stiftung Entrepreneurship Research Award 2016“, nominiert.

In dem wissenschaftlichen Paper wird Folgendes untersucht:

Using a proprietary dataset of 98 German research-based spin-offs (RBSOs) founded between 1997 and 2012, we assess which firm-specific and system-inherent factors are decisive for the spin-offs` growth drawing on the resource-based view. Further, we aim to evaluate whether venture capital (VC)-backed RBSOs outperform non-VC-backed RBSOs and whether a performance difference is explained by venture capitalists’ scouting or coaching capabilities. First, our empirical findings detect that a homogeneous educational background of the academic entrepreneurs is positively associated with RBSO growth. Second, a training provided by the parent research organization intended to develop entrepreneurial skills and to establish a network to outside professionals has a positive impact on firm growth. Third, the commercialization of a noveltechnology has a likewise positive impact on RBSO growth. Further, VC-backed RBSOs show a superior employment and revenue growth compared to non-VC-backed RBSOs. Our results support the view that this superior performance is attributed to venture capitalists’ coaching rather than their scouting function.

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